Women’s Running Books

Women’s Running Books

Women’s Running Books

Reading can be a great form of relaxation for runners, providing a relaxing respite and providing healthy escapism that can be just as empowering as running.

These Women’s Running Books to Read will surely get your gears turning, from inspirational memoirs to tales from world-class runners – you are bound to find something here that speaks to you!

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Deena Kastor is a former youth running star who nearly gave up running after college, but through positivity and gratitude, she found ways to fuel success with running. Her journey is truly inspirational and her tips will encourage you to adopt such an optimistic outlook yourself.

Krissy Moehl offers training plans designed specifically for first-time ultramarathon runners from 50K to 100-Mile races.

This book by Runner’s World is widely considered one of the most practical running books available today, providing advice and insight from some of the world’s finest runners. This comprehensive resource covers training plans, nutrition plans and mental preparation strategies for a range of distances and races.

Chi Running: Exercise for runners to strengthen core, hips, and posture by Matthew Dicharry should be required reading for anyone looking to enhance their running performance. Part physical therapy book and part exercise book, it focuses on exercises designed to strengthen core muscles, hips, running posture and overall running form.

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