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Women’s Running Workouts

Running can be an invaluable way to improve your health and get in shape, helping reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and diabetes while simultaneously relieving stress and enhancing mood. These women’s running workouts offer convenient workouts anywhere! Perfect for beginners or advanced runners alike, these women’s running routines will challenge and motivate. Additionally, they offer flexibility for busy modern women with many responsibilities to fulfill. Establish Strong Legs, Arms and Core Running efficiently relies heavily on developing strength in both legs and upper-body strength. Strength training your legs will make them more durable for pushing through harder intervals while strengthening upper body will help ensure stable posture throughout your workouts. To gain upper body toning, incorporate various chest and shoulder exercises into your daily workout. Doing these moves will increase muscular endurance while strengthening core muscles that will ultimately improve balance and coordination while running. Sturdy shoes and a supportive sports bra are essential to running, so take some time experimenting with various pairs to find your ideal pair. Your shoe choice could even determine whether or not you experience knee pain – a common complaint among runners! Dr. Green advises runners to land on the middle of their feet to reduce strain on joints and tendons when running, rather than striking their heels hard, in order to minimize impact to these areas. Landing with your heel pressed against the ground increases impact to these parts, so landing where most comfortable will minimize stress to this area of your body, according to Dr. Green.