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Women of the Women’s Running Community

Women’s Running Community There is a flourishing, diverse running community around the globe which is breaking barriers and celebrating difference. From being the first woman to run Boston to creating national trail running groups for women – these women are making history while shaping the world in their own unique ways. Verna Volker, a Navajo runner, established Native Women Running as a social media page to connect with other Navajo women who share her passion for running. After noting a disconnect between what was seen on social media and traditional running media sources, she set out to create an inclusive space. She noted the goal is to provide a space where people can come together in a supportive manner rather than competitive. One runner shared that they were running to advocate for Every Child Matters and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW). Lindsay Lucrezi founded Trail Sisters out of her belief that trail running was underrepresented in media outlets, and women should have more of a say when it came to which trails are covered and how coverage is improved. Since its founding, over 13,000 members and 164 local chapters across the U.S. have become members. Bonie Shupe is co-founder of Ibex Merino Clothing Co, an ethically-sourced merino clothing brand with certified Climate Neutral status.

Women’s Running Races

Running is an activity enjoyed by both men and women alike, serving as an excellent way to build strength, enhance health, have fun, meet people and make lasting friendships. Women-only races have seen increased participation due to an increase in popularity; in 2012 alone, 56% of road race finishers were female finishers. Running has transformed many runners into competitive and self-disciplined individuals, which has benefits in other aspects of their lives. Racing allows runners to access an assertive yet goal-setting side of themselves that can contribute to workplace success. Girls on the Run Minnesota offers women-only 5K and 10K runs in the Twin Cities, with proceeds supporting their mission of empowering young girls through running. You will receive a long-sleeve technical race T-shirt as a thank you gift! Zooma Women’s Running Series offers destination travel races in scenic locales like Cape Cod, Bermuda and Amelia Island in Florida ranging from 5Ks to half marathons – providing runners with an opportunity to experience these beautiful places while testing their athleticism! These green races give runners a fantastic way to appreciate these sights while simultaneously challenging themselves through race distance options that range from 5K to half marathon. Studies reveal estrogen as one of the key contributors to women outpacing men in ultramarathon races. Scientists tracked ultrarunning times over two decades and discovered that women typically ran races of 200 miles more quickly on average than their male counterparts.

Women’s Running Challenges

Women’s Running Challenges can help keep you on the right path when it comes to your training or exploring something new! With challenges tailored specifically for female runners, these competitions provide an engaging way of adding variety and fun to your routine while improving performance, making running more fulfilling, enjoyable, and enriching every aspect of life. Running Five Times per Week for 30 Days (Distance is Unimportant) A common goal among new runners or those returning after an absence is increasing their frequency of running. This challenge can help newcomers and seasoned veterans alike to establish more regular workout habits while staying in shape. Run Without Headphones for a Week or Two If you’re new to running without headphones, this is an excellent way to reconnect with the experience of running without them and hear nature more clearly around you – which should provide extra motivation! Negative Splits for 30 Days The goal of this running challenge is to get every run faster than its predecessor – whether that means increasing by one second per mile or 30 second gains over 30 days. There are countless women-specific races that place special importance on thoughtful details, like necklaces instead of medals at the finish line and offering specific swag designed specifically for female racers – features which reflect what these events believe women need from races. But these events have reached saturation point according to Kristin Jacobson, associate professor of women’s gender and sexuality studies at Stockton College.

Women’s Running Events

Women’s Running Events With more women running than ever before, there is an increasing variety of races geared specifically towards their unique needs and interests. From obstacle course races to half marathons and fun runs, these events can inspire and motivate any runner! Women Marathon Runners Since the first Olympics were held in 1896, distance running has come a long way. Although women participated in some track and field events at that time, distance running remained predominantly male until 1984 when American Joan Benoit Samuelson won her marathon race at Los Angeles Olympic.   Princess Races Disney’s princess-themed races offer fun, colorful events for novice runners or those returning after taking an extended hiatus from running. Race options include 5k “Walk”, 10k and half marathon distances. Divas Runs The Divas Race Series encompasses about 10 events throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Entry includes a pink tutu, sparkling tiara, and crown-shaped medal. Join SHAPE and New York Road Runners in Central Park for one of the nation’s most legendary races: SHAPE Women’s Half-Marathon NYC. Thousands of women participate each year to get fit, meet friends and celebrate women. Yokohama International Women’s Marathon The Yokohama International Women’s marathon stands out as a unique event as one of only a few women-only full marathons in Asia. Starting and ending at Yamashita Park, this 13.1-mile course passes through Shin-sugita, Honmoku and Minatomirai before returning back into Yamashita Park for its finish.